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A new pill aims to make it easier to treat diabetic cats without insulin shots twice a day. The drug is the first oral treatment for feline diabetes approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The new pill can’t be used in diabetic cats that have already received insulin. And animals must be screened carefully for other conditions and monitored for serious side effects. While many cat owners successfully treat their cats with insulin shots, others struggle. It’s no secret that the difficulties lead some pet owners to euthanize their animals.

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Police investigating after a clouded leopard escaped her enclosure at the Dallas Zoo that a cutting tool was used to intentionally make an opening in the fence of the small cat’s habitat, and that a similar cut was found at a habitat for small monkeys. Dallas police said Saturday evening that they did not know if the two incidents were related. None of the langur monkeys escaped and none appeared to be harmed. On Friday, arriving zoo workers discovered that a clouded leopard named Nova was missing from her habitat. A daylong search ensued, during which the zoo was closed while staff and police combed the grounds. She was discovered by late afternoon near her habitat.

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Dallas Zoo officials say they've found a missing clouded leopard after a daylong search. Evidence was found that the fence of the small cat’s habitat had been “intentionally” cut, police said. The zoo tweeted Friday that the cat named Nova, who weighs about 20-25 pounds, did not appear injured and was found near her original habitat. The search had closed Texas’ largest zoo to visitors while staff and police combed the 100-acre grounds. Police and zoo officials said they have reviewed surveillance footage but would not say what it showed or whether there were potential suspects.

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Pet tech made itself present at this year’s CES tech show in Las Vegas. Gadgets for furry friends included a kitty litter box that automatically cleans itself to buttons designed to allow your dog to communicate with you. While some of the products are already available for purchase in the U.S., others, like Ilume’s smart dog bowl, are not yet. But whether you’re hoping to keep your dog on an optimum diet, or you want to avoid the unpleasant work of cleaning your cat’s litter box, there are a lot of gadgets out there aimed at making pet owning easier.

Pet ownership has been proven to improve quality of life by bringing us joy and boosting our mood. Here are just a few of the many ways owning…

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