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If you don’t have the budget for a full room renovation, you can always get creative like @sweetleeandco. Replacing an oversized headboard with a boho painted arch totally transformed the master bedroom.

TikTok user @moms_houserules shows just how effective a power clean can be in a messy living room. Picking up everything that doesn’t belong and tossing it in the trash or putting it back in the right place makes a huge difference.

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An arrangement can achieve masses of texture by mixing wispy purple fountain grass, croton and spilling sweet potato vine. The form differences ensure each plant stands out even though the box is tightly packed.

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I think it is unlikely that there’s a substantial difference. I mean, the typical type of a mask is the surgical mask. It’s not an N95 mask. One that has thick cloth, you know, can be equally as effective. We believe there may be some small differences between them, but the main purpose is that you prevent yourself from infecting others. Recent studies have shown that (wearing a mask) also has the good effect of partially protecting you. So it goes both ways.

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While coffee can be a good-for-you option, that changes if you add the wrong things. There's a big difference between a cup of coffee served black and a fancy concoction that contains a liberal pour of sugary syrup or heavy cream, or copious amounts of sugar.

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As 20% of the eligible voting population is Catholic, they will make a big difference in this election. Since Joe Biden is Catholic, does a Catholic voter sway more towards him? On the other hand, does Amy Coney Barrett's nomination, who is also Catholic, mean that voters are more inclined towards President Trump this election?

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Strategists say there are three key states to watch this election: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. A closer look at Wisconsin and its identifying pitfalls for both campaigns and where they may gain ground. Also, a look at underreported elements that might make a big difference in the election in November.

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