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Medications such as amlodipine can reduce blood pressure in affected animals, but making the environment safe is the better option since long-term use of such drugs can impair kidney and liver function. 

If you like the original hardware on the furniture you want to flip but it’s looking a little worn out or rusty, try this tip from @prettyvintagefurniture for a shiny new finish. You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen already.

If you have outdoor plants you need to bring inside when the temperature drops, use this easy spray from @_forthehome to remove any bugs from your plants first. It’s made from ingredients you probably already have at home.

Still not sure what to pack in your adult Lunchables? TikTok creator breaks down each component you need for a satiating snack box so you can mix and match your favorite ingredients.

Veterinary column on helping a dog with stomach problems and older people adopting pets during the pandemic 

Garlic might have been an ingredient you avoided as a child, but if you can’t get enough as an adult, you need to try this vegan garlic mac and cheese recipe from @minimalistbaker. It’s super creamy but great for anyone avoiding dairy too.

Dear Dr. Fox: I made your cat food recipe and I cannot get my cats to even taste it. What can I do or add to it?

TikTok creator @nicole_thenomad shows you how to swap in some healthy alternatives to traditional baking ingredients in this delicious cinnamon apple muffin recipe. You’ll want these for breakfast every day this fall.

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You know that tasty tomato sauce you made a while ago? Its leftovers are now sitting in the fridge, and you can’t quite tell if that smell means it’s still good or not. This would never happen in a restaurant — and for good reason. All ingredients are promptly labeled, making it easy for anyone to see what’s still fresh and what’s past its prime. Get in the habit of writing the contents of your leftovers on masking tape with a permanent marker and include the date. It’s a fast and cheap way to keep your fridge clean.

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