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In the 20 years since his tragic passing in the 2001 Daytona 500, many have debated what is Dale Earnhardt’s greatest lasting legacy on the sport of NASCAR. His on-track accomplishments of seven championships and 76 victories certainly go a long way in defining his legacy, but many still contend that his greatest effect on NASCAR came after his death with the increased importance placed on safety in the months and years that came after.

On Friday, one of the Twitter poll questions we were debating on our radio show included this question: Which potential winner would make for the best story for NASCAR at Sunday’s Daytona 500? The four choices included: (1) Denny Hamlin getting a Daytona 500 3-Peat; (2) The great Kyle Busch finally winning his first Daytona 500; (3) Bubba Wallace winning in Michael Jordan’s car; (4) Ryan ...

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Bubba Wallace is shown exercising alone in a dimly lit gym. The camera cuts to a small, static screen in the corner as a news reporter's voice is heard saying: "Bubba Wallace asks for a ban on Confederate flags at NASCAR events." Wallace grinds through his workout, heaving and sweating as he crunches his body weight in what seems like a symbolic representation of his burden ...

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