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Living and working spaces have the ability to affect our mental health and productivity levels. Take a few minutes and return items to their proper place each day after every use. If possible, leave the more time-consuming chores for school-free days.

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While the pandemic has prevented many people from wanting to travel, mental health experts encourage getting out of your bubble. Enter the staycation. If you live near the coast, take advantage of a beachfront Airbnb. Many rentals run by third-party services have stringent cleaning and safety protocols.

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There seems to be no shortage recently of articles and posts calling for affordable child care and paid maternity leave. Rightly so. Women are nearly 47 percent of the U.S. civilian workforce . Of the 74.6 million women in the workforce, more than 70 percent are mothers of children under 18 years of age, and the productivity of women accounts for nearly a quarter of the GDP . Families and children deserve better options, and the U.S. economy would benefit from more family-friendly policies.

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