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MINNEAPOLIS — Activists vowed Wednesday to keep fighting for substantial changes to the Minneapolis Police Department, despite the defeat of a ballot initiative that would have replaced it with a reimagined public safety unit in the city where George Floyd died under an officer's knee.

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Comprehensive immigration reform has not been passed since the Reagan administration. It’s a hot topic each election cycle, but little progress has been made over the years. Experts explain some of the recent changes that have led to an increase in activity at the border and that voters across party lines are fed up with inaction and want action on immigration reform. 

North Carolinians disagree about a great deal. But here’s a proposition virtually all of us endorse: The future of our state is closely tied to the amount and quality of education our people receive.

Mitch McConnell suggested that big corporations should stay out of politics, but keep handing over campaign donations. Meanwhile, the Democrats lambasted the right for donations of dark money while they benefitted the most from dark money in 2020. When the system is in disarray, but it benefits both sides, is it possible to change it?

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