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Both campaigns are battling it out to win over the white women swing voters. White women carried President Trump over the finish line in 2016, but shifted their vote back to Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections. Which way will they vote this election? 

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Strategists say there are three key states to watch this election: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. A closer look at Wisconsin and its identifying pitfalls for both campaigns and where they may gain ground. Also, a look at underreported elements that might make a big difference in the election in November.

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A look at how important the Badger State will be in the November presidential election, the role Gov. Tony Evers will play and what the most recent Democratic primary tells us what to expect from Wisconsin in 2020.

Louisville brings a five-game winning streak to Joel Coliseum, and only one of those was decided by less than 10 points (last week’s 84-77 win…

If Brianna Lucero of West Forsyth steps into the right-handed batter’s box next spring for coach Kevin Baity’s softball team, you’ll have to f…

Preseason predictions are about as useful as a VCR and often as accurate as a TV psychic. Still they are a part of the rhythm of the seasons.

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