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Michael Hastings

Linda Bowman waits for Dino Cortesis to finish her order at Cloverdale Kitchen on Friday.

Johnny Cortesis (left), Dino Cortesis and Curtis Murphy in the kitchen of Cloverdale Kitchen on June 18.

Curtis Murphy (from left), Dino Cortesis, Johnny Cortesis and Esteban Yannis in the kitchen at Cloverdale Kitchen on Friday.

Linda Bowman carries a breakfast order to a table Friday at Cloverdale Kitchen.

Customers eat breakfast at Cloverdale Kitchen on its last day Friday.

Line cook Curtis Murphy (left) and co-owners Dino Cortesis (center) and Johnny Cortesis in the kitchen at Cloverdale Kitchen on Friday.

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Michael Hastings commented on Photos: Jimmy Speas' dahlias


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Thanks so much!

--Amy Dixon

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