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Perhaps the Winston Salem Journal should research the facts of a case before printing an article full of inaccuracies and blatant lies. But like most media sources today the TRUTH is not nearly as important as promoting a political narrative!

Vote in person, with a picture ID, or you are promoting election fraud and corruption!

In the Bernie/Biden/Harris/Cooper world these W/S Forsyth teachers should share their salary increases with their poorer teacher comrades in surrounding counties like Stokes, Surry, and Yadkin.

I find it ironic that the sign in the middle of the page says "Identification required..." Yet a radical, progressive, anti-American, activist judge can determine, against the will of the voters of North Carolina, that no ID is required to vote!

Maybe your column should come with a warning. "Warning : political hit piece!" Today's media is totally corrupt and in criminal collusion with the Democratic Party. And you wonder why so many are going broke?

Before the City or state passes any more "Climate Change" rules and regulation please present evidence that any past "Climate Change' initiatives have worked!

Another casualty of Cooper's inept leadership!

Do all the Demon Deacon football fans realize that the same organization honored on their helmets and with flags "Black Lives Matter" assaulted, harassed, and demeaned a street preacher while shouting "F**k Jesus"? Again this weekend Black Lives Matter videoed themselves laughing at the a…

On the very night the Wake Forest University Football team proudly displayed helmet decals and rushed on the field waving a Black Lives Matter flag Black Lives Matter "protesters" took to the streets of another North Carolina town harassing, assaulting and demeaning a street preacher with…

Parents of these athletes and parents of female athletes in particular need to remember this travesty and the fact that Roy Cooper and the Democratic Party openly support the transgender attack on women's athletics!

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