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Juiced Up!

Organix Juice Bar brings a healthful alternative to Ardmore.

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Organix Juice Bar sold cold-pressed juices at its Winston-Salem store on Hawthorne Road.

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s not always easy to eat healthfully. But thanks to the local organic food movement that’s sweeping the nation, consumers are finding more ways to get their nutrition on the go.

Here in Winston-Salem, George and Jen Memory are helping cultivate the movement with Organix Juice Bar, which they opened last fall. The juice bar offers a mix of handcrafted, cold-pressed juices sourced from local organic farmers, along with a few health-conscious snacks and food options.

For the Memorys, the decision to adopt healthier eating habits wasn’t so much a choice but a necessity.

In October 2013, Jen was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, which forced her to adhere to a much stricter diet. As a result, she and George started reading more food labels, planning healthier meals, and watching various food-themed documentaries.

George, who was working as a wealth manager, eventually stumbled upon juicing, a trend that was taking the health world by storm. After doing some research, the couple found that there was a shortage of places to buy juices in town, so they decided to create and sell their own.

George began with a push cart, selling cold-pressed juices in the Stella Brew parking lot on Hawthorne Road. The demand was incredible from the start, as George would sell out of his juice in an hour or less each day. He then started selling at events and farmers markets before starting an online order and delivery service.

While he and Jen had initially planned to open a storefront by 2017, the high demand coerced them to take action sooner. When they got word that Tart Sweet Bakery was vacating its space on Hawthorne Road, they knew they’d found the right place. (Interestingly enough, they’d already been using Tart Sweets’ kitchen at night to make juices for the push cart.) After remodeling the space, they officially opened the juice bar Nov. 19.

In addition to storefront sales, Organix continues to offer online ordering and weekly delivery for Forsyth County residents who spend $30 or more. Not only do they source most of their ingredients from local farms—such as Flat Rock Produce or Fair Share Farm—but they give each juice a locally inspired name. This includes options such as The Ardmore (cucumber, apple, kale, and lemon), The West End (celery, apple, spinach, and lime), and The Camel City (pineapple, orange, spinach, and kale).

George says his favorite juice is The Dash (carrot, ginger, lime, turmeric, and orange) because “I usually don’t like carrots, but with this mix of ingredients I actually love them!”

Jen’s favorite is The Ardmore, primarily for sentimental reasons. “It’s the first juice we started with, so it’s like our baby.”

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