Prior to COVID-19, takeout was often a rare choice for most people. But now it’s become more of a staple.

One local app, SWIPEBY, makes takeout convenient and free for customers and provides cost savings to merchants. Best of all, it allows Winston-Salem residents to enjoy their favorite local restaurants in the comfort of their own homes.

SWIPEBY aimed to make takeout more convenient. Their business soon soared as COVID-19 took over.

Carl Turner, creator and founder of SWIPEBY, originally came up with his idea while studying abroad in Shanghai.

“I was extremely impressed with the delivery infrastructure in Shanghai (speed, cost, etc.),” says Turner. “I thought there must be a way to do it better in the U.S., as delivery here is unpredictable and very expensive to merchants and customers.”

SWIPEBY took a few runs before it became the successful app it is today. Turner originally started a peer-to-peer delivery app on local university campuses but quickly found out that it wasn’t the right niche market, speed, and pace for him. Not ready to give up, though, he spent considerable time researching the takeout market.

In summer 2018, Turner delved deeper and SWIPEBY was finally born.

“I saw the huge potential and need for a platform that could bring Walmart-like ‘click and collect’ to any restaurant out there and therefore turn any restaurant into a virtual drive-thru at very low cost to merchants and no cost to customers,” Turner says.

Today, SWIPEBY allows Winston-Salem residents to quickly and freely order takeout from dozens of favorite local restaurants.

Outside of loving Winston-Salem and living here, Turner also started his business here, as he thought it was a perfect fit.

“Winston-Salem is a great test market since it has a little urban downtown and large suburban market,” he says. “Plus, it’s truly a community that cares. Customers are proud of their town and love supporting local businesses.”

When not working on his app or with his team, Turner enjoys having breakfast at Bobby Boy Bakeshop, coffee at Moji + More or Camino Bakery, dining at Canteen Market & Bistro, and hanging out at Bailey Park.

“My personal favorite part about SWIPEBY is the team behind it,” he says. “Working with our team every day [and] trying to make the takeout experience better for merchants and consumers is very rewarding and exciting.”

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