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WUSED - Charlie B. Reece - SUNDAY

WUSED - Charlie B. Reece - SUNDAY

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A tardy arrival

According to the April 6 letter “Signs of the times,” “Revelation 9:21 states that in the tribulation period, the people will not repent of the sin of murder, thefts, drug abuse and sexual perversion.”

I didn’t know there were any drugs in the Bible. Learn something new every day.

Aside from that, we should be close to the return of Christ now, the letter writer concludes, because people commit these sins and will not repent.

But those things were happening 2,000 years ago when it was written. There’s never been a time when they weren’t happening. Why pick now as “the” end time?

Jesus is actually about 2,000 years late, and every day he delays is a sign that maybe all this prophecy stuff isn’t all it’s made out to be. His tardiness is an embarrassing problem for biblical literalists.

Charlie B. Reece


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