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WUSED - Dean Clifford - WEDNESDAY

WUSED - Dean Clifford - WEDNESDAY

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Will our Constitution survive?

We are living in dangerous times, and not only due to the pandemic. Our constitutional democracy faces perhaps its greatest test since the Civil War.

As a senior citizen, I have never had such concern for the preservation of our representative government. For months preceding the election our president steadily worked to sow seeds of distrust about the election process, continually questioning the validity of mail-in ballots — even though this was his own preferred method of voting. Virtually every election official around the country, both Republican and Democratic, insist this was the most secure election we’ve had, without any significant fraud or improprieties.

Yet despite all evidence to the contrary, this president continues to make baseless claims that the election was rigged, and that he should be declared the winner. By refusing to concede defeat, by continuing his false insistence that he didn’t lose, by pressuring a variety of election officials (which is clearly illegal!) he is perfectly willing to create the environment for an insurrection, just to retain his hold on power.

Even having taught the Constitution and U.S. history, I was caught off guard with how few safeguards there seem to be to rein in a renegade president. If we care about protecting a free society for our children and grandchildren, it is urgent that we contact members of Congress to stand firm — perhaps hearing from us is just what they need to develop sufficient courage to resist this blatant move toward autocracy.

Dean Clifford


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