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WUSED - Michael T. Walker - THURSDAY

WUSED - Michael T. Walker - THURSDAY

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Ignored negligence

It is past time for Republicans, especially those in Congress, to at long last show leadership and courage, and to demand that President Trump face reality, end his post-election tantrum, concede the election and cooperate in the transition to the new administration. Too long have Republicans ignored his studied and willful COVID negligence, his incessant lying, his chaotic foreign and trade policies, his disturbing coziness with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his petulant Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security purges, his infantile government via Twitter and his unethical setting of government policies for the benefit of his businesses. His delusional assault on the 2020 election, with his baseless and pre-cooked claims of fraud, is an assault on tens of millions of voters.

In 2010, frustrated with congressional Republican ineptitude and shortsightedness, I changed my voter registration from Republican to Unaffiliated. Subsequently, I had not voted for a Democrat for national office until this election, as I was compelled by Trump’s malignant misrule to vote for Joe Biden.

As I write this, President Trump has presided over 246,000 COVID deaths. He cares not a whit for this country past his narcissistic gratification. If the Republican Party does not find its collective conscience, and repudiate this sociopathic vulgarian, he will kill it, too.

Michael T. Walker


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