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WUSED - Peter Venable - FRIDAY

WUSED - Peter Venable - FRIDAY

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The worst method

Copied from Senate Bill 711:

(4) Cannabis. – Marijuana as defined in G.S. 90-87(16). (5) Cannabis-infused product. – A product infused with cannabis that is intended for use or consumption other than by inhalation, smoking, or vaping. The term includes an edible cannabis product, topical product, ointment, oil, patch, spray, suppository, or tincture.

Given the toxicity of inhaling any smoke, smoking marijuana is the worst method of consumption in terms of health risks; cannabis vaping is not as toxic.

Here is the main issue: how are doses administrated and recorded? How does a doctor know what method and how much to prescribe?

Moreover, the potency of THC varies, and current cultivators have farmed THC in higher and higher doses. How is potency quantified and controlled? Will the FDA police this?

Ideally, an RX marijuana pill will be available. With various strengths? Doctors could gauge effects — like all prescription dosages. If more or less is needed, the doctor would have baselines to calculate and adjust.

Another concern about THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) is that THC is psychoactive and CBD is not. Which of these ingredients shall be present? Both? Only CBD? Proportions of both? Will these two ingredients be listed for doctors to dose?

THC is mind-altering and absorbed in the brain. What about drivers? DWI?

To summarize: What is the standard in quality and production? What is the dosing standard?

What are the potential risks of chronic consumption?

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